AGX Position and Status Report


To: Western Arctic Marine Operations HQ
Cc: Russian Ice Breaker; Russian Ice Breaker (MSCO)

Subject: Barrabas

Duty Office – West Marine Ops

Position report from sailing yacht Barrabas

18th Aug 1340 UCT

Position 74.21 N 116.01 E
Speed Anchored

Barometric Pressure 1016
Sea Temperature 3.5 degrees C
Wind SE 10 knots
Sea State Smooth
Wave height 0-1 foot
Ice Drift ice


Adrian Flanagan

Editor’s Note:

Although Barrabas is at anchor, this is not a period of rest. The anchor has been dragging and it is necessary to move position and re-anchor as the wind moves. The added risk is from drift ice which is being blown past Barrabas’ position in some quantity. These ice fragments are large enough to damage the sloop – see below photo of an ice flow (taken by Adrian) with group of walrus resting on it.

There are limited choices. Current conditions do not encourage Adrian to hold under sail while he waits for the ice edge to receed and for the pack ice to break up. He could cruise in a circle under engine power but this will reduce his fuel supplies which may be needed later and which are also used by the heating system onboard. That only leaves the choice of anchoring and remaining vigilant. At the same time Adrian has to review the ice condition constantly and be ready to leave immediately that a viable lead opens.