We visit the Oxford Sailing Club

Originally posted December 3rd, 2006


Pictured left to right – John Barker (OSC), Louise, Adrian (with Benji and Gabriel), Bill Proctor (ex Commodore of OSC), Pam Gee (Oxford Sailability) and Geoff Worrall (OSC)

During our broadcast on Radio Oxford’s Bill Heine Show on Monday, we received an invitation to visit the Oxford Sailing Club in Farmoor.

We were treated to a delicious lunch and learnt about their ambitious project to raise £200,000 to build a special pontoon which will enable disabled sailors and their helpers to access their boats easily and safely. This wheelchair friendly pontoon once finished will be the only one in Oxfordshire and Farmoor Reservoir is where Oxford Sailability, the local disabled sailing group is based. So far ‘The Farmoor Reservoir Pontoon Project’ has raised an impressive £65,000. Many fund raising initiatives are underway at the moment including the sale of personalised pontoon planks for £200 each. Adrian hopes to help this incredibly worthy effort next year by giving a talk to the Club (approximately 1,000 members) about The Alpha Global Expedition.

Oxford Sailing Club, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxford, OX2 9NS