The holiday Adrian was dreaming of


Adrian with Benji and Gabriel at La Pirogue, Mauritius

La Pirogue - 2008160

Gabriel’s first sailing lesson

La Pirogue - 2008134

Gabriel and Louise

La Pirogue - 2008210

Adrian and Benji in the canoe

In an article published in the Telegraph at the end of last year asking well known adventurers what they were dreaming of having for Christmas, Adrian described the holiday we have just had.

I have been staying at La Pirogue in Mauritius every year since December 2005 at the outset of The Alpha Global Expedition. A real ‘Expedition Manager Rookie’ way back then, the hotel did everything to help me. This included the loan of an office, computer and IT support. I can’t write too much about how wonderful this tropical island paradise hotel is or how gracious and welcoming the staff are because otherwise everyone will want to go there.

During our trip this time, Adrian was interviewed by L’Express newspaper (one of the main Mauritian papers) on the coconut palm fringed white sand beach sitting on a sunbed! (in French).

Now we are back – Adrian has submitted the main body of ‘Over The Top’ to his publisher. He returns to Mehamn to resume and complete the AGX on the 28th April setting sail on the 1st May. The remainder of the journey will hopefully take no more than 4 weeks and he will return home to The Royal Southern Yacht Club at the end of May/Beginning of June.

Louise Flanagan