The Fastest Month


Having rounded Cape Horn, Adrian faced a long haul North up the Pacific towards tbe Bering Straits and the Arctic. March became the fastest month but Adrian was wrestling with a very tough decision as he headed towards the Equator and the hoped for fair weather. During the double knock down at the Cape, Barrabas had suffered damage and so had Adrian. He had dislocated both wrists which meant that mast climbing in tough conditions was out of the question. He feared that the mast and rigging had suffered damage but could see nothing wrong from deck level. In addition to the suspected mast damage, equipment had been hurled about and water had entered the vessel, damaging clothes, bedding and some food. Adrian was trying to decide whether or not to accept a supply drop on his way North. He did need some spares to repair his heater and other items of damaged equipment but he could not yet see what damage had been done to the mast. If he accepted a supply drop, this would remove his unaided status in the record bid. If he called into a port, perhaps in Chile, he would lose the non-stop status. Tough decisions.