Steady as She Goes

AGXBarrabas being lowered in Murmansk. I am in the light blue jacket

Barrabas being relaunched in Murmansk – Adrian is in the light blue jacket

There have been many requests for photographs of Barrabas being loaded and unloaded for the ship lift from Tiksi to Murmansk by the Kapitain Danilkin. This shows why there has been a lack of photographs. Adrian has been closely involved in the process of loading and unloading so some video has been shot by a member of the Danilkin’s crew and there are some stills images yet to be loaded onto the laptop aboard Barrabas and transmitted back. Lifting the sloop complete with stepped mast, rigging and all supplies and equipment is a tricky task even from a crane onshore. Both the loading and unloading was carried out using the cranes onboard the Danilkin, requiring a very steady hand for the crane operator and deft handling of lines by Adrian and the crew at the ship’s side. Full marks for the seamanship and professionalism of Captain Zagorsky and his crew!