Main Engine for the Expedition


The main engine for the Alpha Global Expedition was to be the sails. Expedition sponsors Kemp Sails provided a new suit of sails. What Kemp Sails saw early on was that this was an ordinary sailor in a boat that many would buy for far less demanding voyages, taking on an extra ordinary challenge. Many of their customers would buy similar sails and could relate to the voyage Adrian was preparing to undertake

Finding Barrabas


After completing his USKA YachtMaster course, Adrian needed to find a boat. He decided to look in France where he expected more choice of steel yachts suitable for his planned vertical circumnavigation. He went to look over a second hand boat Barrabas and it was love at first sight. The deal completed, he decided to sail his new boat back to Hamble Point Mariner. On this trip, he experienced engine problems due to dirty fuel and decided one priority would be to install better filtration of te fuel supply.

Puff and Go


Ashore, Adrian learned how to maintain and repair diesel engines and gearboxes at sea. Understanding the engine of a boat is important for any sailor, but crutial for a solo long-distance sailor. This knowledge helped Adrian to ensure the best possible installation of the fuel and fuel system on Barrabas and it helped him to avoid a disaster as he approached the Aleutian Island Chain.

Theory to Practical Experience


How ever good classroom training is, the acid test is when the theory is put to practical use. Adrian was able to try theory out as a member of a crew on the UKSA yachts. This was ideal because he envisaged using a similar sized vessel for his expedition and would not need the transitional training that is advisable if a sailor is moving to a much larger vessel.