Nome Backgrounds

Barrabas 1 - September 2006

Barrabas is dwarfed amongst the quay and dock buildings in the background. Towering above her is the port crane that has already lifted her once before without the need to first unstep the mast. In the foreground is a typical local workboat. A rugged and seaworthy vessel desinged for Alaskan waters. During the summer months, Nome is a busy port serving fishing boats and supply vessels during those frantic months before the ice moves south once more and returns Nome to the deep freeze

Pack Early for Christmas


When Barrabas was brought ashore for the winter, all moveable gear was removed and the mast unstepped. It is seen here after being carefully wrapped and sealed in heavy plastic sheeting. The radar scanner has been left on its mast mountings and is also heaving wrapped in plastic. Evenly supported on wooden pallets, the mast was lifted and carried to a warehouse in which to wait out the deep freeze of the Alaskan winter, ready for Adrian to unwrapped next summer



the marquee complete with well travelled ensign


Adrian gets his cake and eats it with Benji & Louise

Sunday (1st October) was Adrian’s 46th Birthday, a perfect excuse for Louise to throw a big party to celebrate his homecoming as well. Guests sharing the occasion included many friends, old and new as well as gutsy Atlantic rower, Roz Savage, sail maker Matt Atkins of Kemp Sails (AGX sail sponsor) and fellow yachtsman Ricardo Diniz (AGX weather router and AGX web site designer) from Lisbon.


Adrian with Benji & Gabriel


Matt Atkins and Ricardo Diniz


great friends Nikki and Paul Howe


Roz Savage, Ricardo Diniz and Adrian



Adrian may now be widely known for his epic attempt to complete the first vertical circumnavigation of the World by surface vessel, but he was already a successful author. His book Cobra is now the subject of a vigorous market in pre-owned copies. It is a well-told story of adventure, buried treasure, modern pirates and a security breach at a nuclear weapons laboritory. A great read and well worth the search for a copy.

Home From The Sea


Adrian Flanagan flew back into London Heath Row late on Thursday night for a reunion with his sons and Expedition Manager Louise.

A party is being given for Adrian and then he will get down to the task of completing his book “Over The Top”. He already has a diary of speaking engagements and interviews, but key tasks will centre around the planning for his return to Nome, Alaska in June 2007 to prepare to complete his vertical circumnavigation.

Already the work is underway to assess the 2006 ice maps and to monitor the the ice patterns for next summer.

Adrian currently plans to return to Nome in June to see Barrabas back in the water. He will then restore and test his boat which may include some working up cruises along the Alaskan coast while he waits for an ice window to open.

Where’s Daddy?


Two little boys struggling to stay awake, anxious for their first glimpse of their father after almost a year.

Adrian Flanagan’s sons had a late night trip with their mother Louise to Heath Row to await his return. The last time they saw him was when he left Hamble Point on October 28 to begin his eventful voyage that has temporarily halted in Nome. Even late at night, Heath Row Arrivals only has a few brief interludes this quiet before the next group of travelers burst through the gates.