In Syria – Circumnavigation Completion Date now Fixed


Expedition360 should be completing its horizontal circumnavigation shortly after Adrian brings Barrabas back to the UK after his historic vertical circumnavigation.

Jason reports on the X360 completion date:

“…………..we are now able to officially publicize the COMPLETION DATE of Expedition 360 – Saturday October 6th this year. After riding through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Germany to Belgium the final crossing of the channel in pedal boat Moksha will be completed over 3-days from 2nd-4th October (weather dependent as always). The arrival at the Greenwich Rowing Club slipway will be at 10.30 am at high tide slack water on the 6th. After lifting her out onto a mobile trolley a group of close expedition team members and supporters will push her up the hill to the Royal Observatory for the final crossing of the zero degree line of longitude. This is represented by a strip of brass embedded in the cobblestones, the same that Steve and I crossed over on our outward bound journey 13-years ago.”