Frustration Rises


Having arrived in Nome on August 9, Adrian feared for delays in the repairs but this turned out not to be the problem. The repairs were completed out without any problems and Barrabas could have been underway by August 18. Unfortunately the sailing had to be postponed because of paperwork from the Russian Government. Long running discussions had been taking place since six months before Adrian left the United Kingdom in October 2006. The Russians had never before permitted a lone yachtsman to use the Northern Sea Route. There was no precident and no paperwork. By August 14 it looked as though a new passport would have to be issued by the British Embassy in Washington and stamped with a tourist visa by the Russian Embassy before being flown out to Adrian in Nome to make the three day passage to a Russian port and sign in with the FSB Border Guards. Then the Russian Embassy discovered that they could not issue a tourist visa and a special visa would have to be issued in Moscow. In the meantime a key official in Russia had gone on holiday and a letter which he had issued had not arrived with other departments. All the time tension and frustration rose as the clock ticked and the time for the refreezing of the Artic seas neared.