Best Use of Time


As soon as Barrabas was lifted out of the water, the work began to replace the cutless bearing. Adrian is enjoying the Alaskan summer sun having withdrawn the prop and shaft. Refitting the shaft and new bearing went smoothly.


It was just too good an opportunity to miss. Adrian is applying new anti-foul after the hull was completely cleaned of marine growth. In only a few weeks the harbour behind him will be frozen solid once more.


Looking at Barrabas it is difficult to believe that this vessel has already travelled a longer distance than the circumference of the World. The new anti-foul, the gleaming white cheat line and the polished titanium stainless steel hull look as though the boat has just been built and is ready for its first experience of the sea. In the weeks that Adrian has been waiting for the paperwork to be completed by the Russians, he has put the time to good use making sure that everything is clean, tidy and fully tested. All he can do now is hope that the paperwork will be completed in time to allow him to make his ice transit. With each day that goes past that looks less likely and he may have to leave Barrabas in Nome for the Winter and return to complete his voyage next year.