AGX Position Update



71 21N

61 09E

We now have a map with several plots on it. The Green dots indicate the route taken by Adrian in Barrabas to the edge of Proliv Vil’kitskogo. The yellow dots indicate his course back to the Port of Tiksi. The mauve dots indicate the course taken from the Port of Tiksi by the Kapitain Danilkin with Adrian and Barrabas aboard. The black dot marks the reported position for Kapitain Danilkin in the Kara Sea today. One sea left before leaving the Russian Northern Sea Route. Adrian has to enter Murmansk to formally sign out with the FSB prior to leaving Russian Federation waters. The decision still has to be made on where Barrabas will be put back into the water before checking in at Murmansk. The blue dots indicate the intended course towards Murmansk.