AGX Position Report – First Ice


Adrian sent a position update report to Duty Officer West Marine Ops. The green dots are advancing steadily towards Norway. Barrabas is passing through the New Siberian Islands, heading out of the East Siberian Sea into the Laptev Sea. He now has less than 6 miles of open water to each side of him ( to the North the ice edge is only 5 -7 miles away and the shore is a similar distance to the South) and can expect this margin to narrow as he heads West.

To: Duty Office – West Marine Ops

Position report from sailing yacht Barrabas

3rd Aug 1031 UCT

Position 72.33 N 150.58 E
Speed 2.9 knots
Course 300
Proceeding under engine

Barometric Pressure 1009
Sea Temperature 5.0 degrees C
Wind WNW 8 knots
Sea State Smooth
Wave height < 1 foot
Ice Ice edge 5-7 miles north
Scattered bergy bits


Adrian Flanagan