AGX Position and Status Report


Adrian and Barrabas are working through a series of storms and searching for an anchorage. The current position is further East than shown on the map above (approximately three green dots back). The current destination is marked on the Admiralty pilot as ‘position doubtful’.

To: Western Arctic Marine Operations HQ
Cc: Russian Ice Breaker; Russian Ice Breaker (MSCO)
Subject: Barrabas

Duty Office – West Marine Ops

Position report from sailing yacht Barrabas

15th Aug 1037 UCT

Position 74.07 N 121.00 E
Speed 3.5 knots
Course 235
Proceeding under sail

Barometric Pressure 1000
Sea Temperature 7.5 degrees C
Wind SE 17 knots
Sea State Smooth
Wave height 1-2 foot
Ice No ice


Adrian Flanagan

NOTE: Heading towards Ostrov Leykina 74.05 N 120.25 E to look for

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