AGX Position and Status Report


To: Western Arctic marine Operations HQ

Subject: Barrabas

Position Report

Thursday 6th September 0425 UCT

Anchored off Ostrov Preobrazheniya

Wind NNE 25 knots
Pressure 1007
No ice


Adrian Flanagan

Hello Nikolay

The most recent satellite image from the Arctic and Antarctic Research
Institute (AARI) shows a clear inshore channel along the eastern and
north-eastern coast of the Tyrmyr Peninsular. However, I cannot get access
to this channel because there is a line of ice at the southern end
connecting the ice massif to the land in the area of 75.25 N 113.48 E, just
south of Bukhta Pronchishcheva. I estimate this line of ice to be about 8-10
miles wide. The inshore channel appears to be clear, open water. Would it be
possible for an ice breaker to make a rendezvous with me south of Bukhta
Pronchishcheva and break a path through this thin line of ice? The ice
breaker could then go along this inshore channel with me following. The
route would go to the east of Ostrov Kleshnya and Ostrov Severnyy as far as
Ostrov Koshka (76.46 N 111.06 E). This is a total distance of 100-110 miles
which we should be able to travel within 24 hours. If the ice breaker was
then to go north at Ostrov Koshka, it would bring me into open water in the
south-eastern part of the Vilkitskiy Strait and I could proceed from that
point on my own.


Current position on 113dE south of ice tongue

>From the satellite pictures this looks to be very possible. This also means
that while I am in the inshore channel with the ice breaker, if anything
went wrong then the ice breaker would be close by. It looks as if any drift
ice in the channel is not more than 10% which means I could follow the ice
breaker. Please let me have your consideration on this plan.


The area to meet the ice breaker is approximately 80 miles north of my
current position, so I would be able to meet the ice breaker with 24 hours

Regards, Adrian