AGX Position and Status


To: Western Arctic marine Operations HQ

Subject: Barrabas

Hello Nikolay

Position 74.05 N 114.49 E 1133 9 Sept UCT

I have just come to thick drift ice 40 miles south west of the rendezvous. The drift ice extends across the horizon. My thinking is that there will be more drift ice further north. Also, the light is going dim. I have taken the decision that it would be too dangerous to proceed into ice in semi-darkness. Also, I see form your latest weather forecast that winds in the north sector are expected for the next 3 days. The problem is that I do not have any idea how dense or how extensive drift ice may be between my position and the rendezvous location. With the change in the winds from the north, I suspect the master of the icebreaker is more likely not to proceed with the caravan. Therefore, with regret, taking these factors into account, my decision is to stay where I am and tomorrow to head for Tiksi to meet the cargo vessel which can transport the yacht. So, I will not to going to the rendezvous with the icebreaker. Please advise.



Today could see rapidly changing situations – changing almost with each new communication. There is a constant flow of communications. Adrian made visual contact with the three ships. He has been unable to talk with the three small merchant ships in his area because they do not speak English. Latest satellite images suggest new options but these have to be fully assessed and new forecasts made. During the day it is expected that direct contact will be possible with the Captain of the icebreaker heading towards the RV. First consideration is safety of all concerned.