AGX Position and Status

AGX20070902 0345GMT envisat1km

The situation at the PVK choke point shows some promise but much depends on the wind direction and air temperature during the next eight days.

AGXlaptev3d 20070901

At smaller scale the island where Adrian is at anchor is just visible as a tiny dot immediately North of the large island Ostrov Bol’shoy Begichev

(third grid square from left five square line – lower centre of image)

To: Western Arctic Marine Operations HQ

Subject: Barrabas

Position Report:

2nd September 0500 UCT

Anchored at Ostrov Preobrazheniya : 74.40 N 112.55 E

Barometric Pressure: 1019
Sea Temperature: 3 deg C
Wind: E 20 knots
Ice: None

Ostrov Preobrazheniya is covered with frost. Air temp is sub zero.


Adrian Flanagan