AGX – Latest Position Update


To: Western Arctic Marine Operations HQ
Cc: Russian Ice Breaker; Russian Ice Breaker (MSCO);

Subject: Barrabas

Duty Office – West Marine Ops

Position report from sailing yacht Barrabas

5th Aug 0100 UCT

Position 73.01 N 146.22 E
Speed 4.0 knots
Course 322
Proceeding under engine and sail

Barometric Pressure 1011
Sea Temperature 5.5 degrees C
Wind WSW 12 knots
Sea State Smooth /Moderate
Wave height 1-2 foot
Ice No ice

Strong headwinds and eastward current is making progress along the E-W
shipping lane at 73 N very slow. I am tacking above and below the line – 15 miles each side until the wind backs SW.


Adrian Flanagan