Adrian Returns


Adrian is due to arrive back in the United Kingdom before the end of September, flying in to Heathrow from Nome, Alaska, where Barrabas is now safely chocked up ashore to wait out the Arctic winter.

During his break in the UK, Adrian will be busy writing and has a growing number of speaking invitations. It will be a very hectic time because he will also been making arrangements to return to Nome next summer to complete his vertical circumnavigation.

Planning for next summer, Adrian has to arrive in Nome ahead of the first possible ice transit window to test and re-store Barrabas, ready for the attempt. He still hopes to make a transit of the Russian Northern Sea Route which will mean that he will have closed all lines of longitude during the circumnavigation, will be the first yachtsman to have made the East to West transit of the Russian NSR, and will be the first solo yachtsman to have made any transit or partial transit of the NSR.

To attempt the NSR, he will have to sail first the three days from Nome to Providenja for an inspection of Barrabas and her safety equipment. He will then sail through the Bering Straits and head West along the Northern coast of Russia to the Norwegian Sea. If the ice retreats far enough, the transit will take approximately twenty days to be followed by the journey around the top of Norway and down into the North Sea to return to Hamble Point.

Adrian will also be prepared to take the alternative route East through the Canadian North West Passage, into the Labrador Sea and across the Northern Atlantic back to the British Isles.

The final decision can only be taken next year when he is back aboard Barrabas and has full information on the conditions for either route.