Back to Sea


At last, Barrabas fully repaired and restored, it was time for Adrian to bid farewell to his new friends and return to sea. At 13:30 hrs on Wednesday May 17, Adrian slipped his mornings at the Waikiki Yacht Club and headed back to sea. It was with mixed fellings, leaving behind a group of people who had helped him greatly and freely given of their time and hospitality. Ahead were many more challenges and uncertainties and a return to the routine of the lone sailor, re-establishing the raport between sailor and boat.

Wash and Brush-up

Aiden Sat image 3

While the topsides and accomodation was cleaned up as each groupd of tasks was completed, Adrian was offered a complete underwater clean up. A local diver cleaned off the underwater growth to give Barrabas an extra half knot. This apparently small increase in speed could make the difference between success and failure. Having the work carried out by a diver saved days of delay lifting barrabas out of the water for a full scrape.

Free Run


Waikiki Yacht Club and its members really came up trumps. Without their help in preparing for the arrival of a battered Barrabas, Adrian would have had to wait weeks for boatyard facilities and it would have ended his voyage, at least for 2006. With their help, he was able to bring Barrabas through to yard facilities and inspection by platform revealed that the mast could be repaired without unstepping it. All of the essential repairs were able to be carried out in parallel and it was even possible to include some additional work to improve performance.

DHL Delivers


With Barrabas tied up alongside the Waikiki Yacht Club pontoon, 9 hectic days of work faced Adrian. One of the first tasks was to collect the spares and supplies flown in by DHL from the United Kingdom. On arrival, this consignment had been safely stored by Waikiki Yacht Club members to await Adrian’s arrival. Club members generously gave of their time to help Adrian collect the supplies and help in the numerous errands that the repair process required.